Our Mission:  To help businesses that use wildlife images to support conservation.

Our Purpose: Businesses use images of wildlife in advertising to help sell their products.  An image of a Bald Eagle suggests patriotism, a cheetah implies speed, wild horses show strength and freedom.  Businesses benefit from wildlife images – that is why they are so popular in advertising.Image from 2000 Superbowl Commercial for Mountain Dew.

We at Image Wild believe that businesses that benefit from using wildlife images should support conservation.  We help connect businesses with organizations that work to conserve wildlife. Sculptors sell bronzes of wildlife for thousands of dollars, and photographers market that perfect shot.  Their products help inspire appreciation for wildlife in others, but more can be done.  We encourage them to support conservation.  And being able to say “A portion of the proceeds from this sale goes to support conservation” can be great for business!

Our Pathway:  We connect businesses with wildlife conservation organizations – we don’t seek funds for conservation through Image Wild at all.  We make introductions only – 100% of the support businesses provide goes to the organizations they designate.  We seek donations to support the work of Image Wild separately.

An Introduction: