Reached out to GEICO

Today we reached out to GEICO regarding their Man Cave commercial that features a grizzly bear. So many of the great GEICO commercials feature wildlife. Grizzlies are listed as threatened in the US by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, challenged by habitat loss and human conflicts. We encouraged GEICO to support the Great Bear Foundation or the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, groups work toward conservation of several species, including grizzly bears.


Reached out to Pfizer

Chantix Cold Turkey Image

Welcome to the new year. We reached out to Pfizer today, the makers of Chantix about their Cold Turkey advertising series. A great character for their ads and a conservation success story, with wild turkey populations increasing and their range now across much of North America. We encouraged Pfizer to support the The National Wild Turkey Federation, who do great work. You have to respect Pfizer’s efforts to help people quit smoking, and one way to respect them more is if they supported turkey conservation!


Reached out to Bellco Credit Union

Today we reached out to a Colorado business, Bellco Credit Union, who use raccoons in their current television commercial. Northern raccoons are secure, fortunately, and a conservation group specific to them doesn’t come to mind. Instead, we recommended Bellco Credit Union support the National Wildlife Federation in honor of the raccoon character Ranger Rick , who has educated children for decades and helped inspire Image Wild’s Director to earn degrees in wildlife ecology.


A Holiday Outreach to Coca-Cola

This week we reached out to Coca-Cola about their long-running advertising campaign featuring the Coca-Cola polar bears. These iconic characters have been featured for decades, and on television commercials for more than 25 years. The emotional connections tied to these characters now include their being at risk from shrinking sea ice and changing landscapes. The species is now considered vulnerable. We encouraged Coca-Cola to support Polar Bears International. Imagine how nice it would be if in tiny text at the bottom of the screen on Coke polar bear commercials it said that they help support the species’ conservation!


Reached out to The Wonderful Company

Ernie the ElephantWe reached out today to the Wonderful Company and Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds about their Get Crackin’ campaign and ads featuring Ernie the Elephant. Asian elephants are classed as endangered and African elephants as vulnerable. Would you be pleased to know a company that used an elephant in its advertising so much supported their conservation? We encouraged Wonderful Company to support the International Elephant Foundation or Save the Elephants.


Back to Work

A pause in Image Wild work as the Director traveled in China. But wildlife images are used in ads all over the world. For example, a jaguar is used in the Jinan West Train Station to sell product. Back to work encouraging businesses that use wildlife images to support conservation!


Reached out to Rockstar Games

Arthur Morgan's spirit animal, a white-tailed deer, from the video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Not just advertising at Image Wild! Today we reached out to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to ask them to support conservation of the wildlife featured in their fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur Morgan’s spirit animal is a white-tailed deer. It seems fitting that they contribute to a group like Whitetails Unlimited. We believe that their support for wildlife could be important to some potential customers.


Reached out to Farmers Insurance

A cougar sits atop a car in a still from Close ClawsToday we reached out to Farmers Insurance about their Hall of Claims series and the commercial “Close Claws.” A cougar on the hood of a car is distracted by two guys using a laser pointer. A great commercial that leverages the caution people have about cougars and how all cats seem to share the same behaviors. We encouraged them to support Mountain Lion Foundation in their more than 30 years of work to conserve America’s Lion.


Reached out to Liberty Mutual

Today we reached out to Liberty Mutual Insurancel about their LiMu Emu and Doug commercials. I am happy to say that emus are doing well in Australia in general, even pests in some areas, but I can’t say the same for all flightless birds. Ostriches are declining, some rhea species are as well, and some kiwi species face challenges. We encouraged Liberty Mutual Insurance to support groups like BirdLife Australia